Sunday, January 3, 2010

BFL week 16

Here are the picks for week 16 in the BFL (NFL week 17).

Indianapolis @ Buffalo
New Orleans @ Carolina
Jacksonville @ Cleveland
Philadelphia @ Dallas
Chicago @ Detroit
New England @ Houston
Pittsburgh @ Miami
NY Giants @ Minnesota
San Francisco @ St. Louis
Atlanta @ Tampa Bay
Green Bay @ Arizona
Kansas City @ Denver
Baltimore @ Oakland
Washington @ San Diego
Tennessee @ Seattle
Cincinnati @ NY Jets

Combined Score = 28

Good Luck Everybody!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Indianapolis @ Jacksonville

Dallas @ New Orleans

Chicago @ Baltimore
New England @ Buffalo
Arizona @ Detroit
Houston @ St. Louis
Miami @ Tennessee
Cleveland @ Kansas City
Atlanta @ NY Jets
San Francisco @ Philadelphia
Oakland @ Denver
Cincinnati @ San Diego
Green Bay @ Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay @ Seattle
Minnesota@ Carolina

Monday Night
NY Giants @ Washington

Combined MNF Score = 28

Thursday, December 10, 2009

week 13

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland

New Orleans @ Atlanta
Green Bay @ Chicago
Denver @ Indianapolis
Buffalo @ Kansas City
NY Jets @ Tampa Bay
Miami @ Jacksonville
Detroit @ Baltimore
Seattle @ Houston
Cincinnati @ Minnesota
Carolina @ New England
St. Louis @ Tennessee
Washington @ Oakland
San Diego @ Dallas
Philadelphia @ NY Giants

Monday Night
Arizona @ San Francisco
Combined MNF Score = 28

Good Luck Everyone!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


NY Jets @ Buffalo

Houston @ Jacksonville
Philadelphia @ Atlanta
Tampa Bay @ Carolina
St. Louis @ Chicago
Detroit @ Cincinnati
Tennessee @ Indianapolis
Denver @ Kansas City
New England @ Miami
Oakland @ Pittsburgh
New Orleans @ Washington
San Diego @ Cleveland
Dallas @ NY Giants
San Francisco @ Seattle
Minnesota @ Arizona

Monday Night
Baltimore @ Green Bay

Combined MNF Score: 31

Good Luck Everyone!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday "Happy Shoppers" ....Part 2


Sooooooo..... As you know...I went to Toys R Us in Knoxville, TN at Midnight for The Start of "Black Friday"...It was so insane that we left 10 minutes after entering!!! I'm not really a Big Shopping Fan...and this Madness was too much for even the die hard shoppers!! I recently learned that a woman was trampled at THE SAME STORE!!!!! WHOA!!! So, Needless to say....I went running out of the store with my tail between my legs!!! We went back home and went to bed!!! I was pretty sure I wasn't going to go back out ......until I received this photo......

This is a picture of my friends from Nebraska...Terri, Jenni, and Nikki....(@TeeTee_71 , @Phatbff , and @Browneyednikki ).....I just loved their festive Santa's Helper's Hats and Big Beautiful Smiles!!!! They were so excited and having so much fun that I got up the courage to go back out and give it the "Old College Try". Did I find great deals.....Not really BUT...for me...It wasn't about that!!!! It was just about hanging out girlfriends and enjoying each others company!!!!! ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!! ;-)

Thank You, Ladies for reminding me of THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!!!! LOVE YOU!!! MWAHZZZ....

Next Post...What I'm Thankful for.....(Yes...a little late) Stay Tuned!! ;-)


Dr. Mo
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Friday, November 27, 2009


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Sooooooo....During our lovely Thanksgiving Feast (at my brother's house with 30+ friends and family)....Someone mentioned that Toys R Us would be opening at Midnight to kick off Black Friday ahead of the rest!!! We decided that we would get in on some of that action and knock a few of the kids gifts off of the list!! How bad could it possibly be....right?!? WRONG!!!! I think ALL of Knoxville, Tennessee was trying to cram into that one little store at midnight!!!! People were fighting, and cursing, and just being....DOWN RIGHT UGLY!!!! Did they forget the REASON FOR THE SEASON?!?!? Needless to say....We RAN out of that zoo only 10 minutes after entering!!!! Now that I'm All rested and Mentally Prepared.....We are gonna go GIVE IT ANOTHER SHOT!!! I pray, This time....IT WILL BE BETTER!!! I will Check In Later For The Final Results!!!


Love Ya Lots!!!

Dr. Mo

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BFL week 11

Green Bay @ Detroit
Oakland @ Dallas
NY Giants @ Denver

Indianapolis @ Houston
Tampa Bay @ Atlanta
Miami @ Buffalo
Cleveland @ Cincinnati
Seattle @ St. Louis
Carolina @ NY Jets
Washington @ Philadelphia
Arizona @ Tennessee
Chicago @ Minnesota
Kansas City @ San Diego
Jacksonville @ San Francisco
Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

Monday Night
New England @ New Orleans

Combined MNF Score = 55

Good Luck Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving...GOD Bless!