Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Words of Wisdom" From Room 209

So, if you havent guessed it by now, I'm a Podiatrist! Among other things, I go into nursing homes and give "Medically Necessary" Foot and Ankle care to the Residents. One morning, a couple of weeks ago, I walked into room 209. The Resident was looking out of the window (with sad eyes). I cant have "Sad Eyes" on my watch so I took perky up a notch (I usually do so that they will feel that its a "Treat" to see me and not "ugh...another Doctor") I tell her that TODAY IS PAMPER DAY! As I raise her bed I tell her "3rd floor : Lingerie" That usually gets a smile out of the women AND MEN! *wink wink* Today was NO EXCEPTION! She looked at me and smiled (Beautiful ice blue eyes). She was very talkative. After asking me a heap of personal questions (I am open with my patients because often times, I'm the only person they have to talk to) She began to give me her "Words Of Wisdom" I listened intently! It struck a cord inside of me because I am guilty of doing some of the things she warned me not to do! She told me to "Carpe Diem" "Seize The Day" She said "Don't wait until you have enough money to see the world! Once you're financially able, you may not be able to move your legs!" She gave a few other examples, But the point was made! I stayed in her room a little longer than I usually do, because she needed to share and I needed to be there for her! Once she finished, I promised her 2 things. That I would stop by from time to time just to say hello and that I would SEIZE THE DAY!! (I KEEP MY PROMISES) ;-)

So, once I left, I started thinking about some of the things that I put off...I will get a tattoo once I hit my goal weight (Luke, you BETTER NOT tell Mom & Dad!)I will visit the Islands as soon as I can wear a bikini (Just kidding! I'm confident, NOT CRAZY!! LOL) Etc....Well No more!!! I'M DOING IT TODAY!! That sweet little lady, with the Beautiful Blue Eyes, had no idea of the impact she had on me that day! Thank You Little Miss Rm 209!

Later that week I got this fortune in a cookie:

So this past weekend, I took a MUCH NEEDED Romantic Getaway! We went to Orlando! I've decided that I am going to take more vacation time!! I must smell a rose or two!! We went to see Cirque Du Soleil's La Nouba!! It was AMAZING!!! I've seen it 4 times! Its always wonderful to see it thru "New Eyes"! So when you.....YES YOU, come to visit me in Florida, I will take you!! (Remember, I keep my promises)

My 2 kids (Precious and Pretty) wanted to say hello to my Friends here in this wonderful Blogashere!! They are enjoying my New motto of "Carpe Diem"! When I go, they go!!! But not on the @fabfatties Cruise this January!! They will stay with Mimi and Pop Pop (that's what my brothers kids call my parent) ;-)

One other thing I put off for way too long was going back to Disney World's Magic Kingdom!! I loved it as a kid BUT I figured all the rides were made for "Smaller People" BOY was I wrong!!! @monaylexi took me with her family (kicking and screaming inside for fear that I wouldn't fit on the rides) I didn't tell her that, though! Let me just tell you....KUDOS TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!! There was so much room on EVERY RIDE!!!! I truly had the most MAGICAL DAY EVER!!!!! The evening was capped of with a Beautiful Fireworks Display in front of the castle!! Purple is my Favorite Color so when the castle turned purple, I had to take the shot!! I took this with my Blackberry camera phone!

SEIZE THE DAY! My Friends...."Carpe Diem"

Monday, August 24, 2009

The A, B, Cs Of Me!!

I'm So Excited to write my first blog! I have tons to say; and I'm ecstatic that I have a forum in which to say it!! I know the title may sound a little strange; but these are the pieces of the puzzle that make me...me! This IS going to be a Health and Wellness Blog! Oh who am I kidding? This Blog is going to deal with a little bit of EVERYTHING!! Today I am going to give a little insight on what gives me my "Monique-ness" In the words of Escape "Lay Back, Kick it, and Enjoy The Ride!! ;-)

Although I feel that my parents "Hung The Moon" (Don't all kids feel that way about their parental units?!?) There was one day, in my younger years, that I almost traded them in for some new ones!! It was the first day of my private pre-school (oh how life was so simple then). I totally had a blast! Playing on the jungle-gym (I try to hold my self on the monkey bars now....Its not pretty), making new friends (its always been my nature to make friends easily), and just being a Happy Go- Lucky 4 year old. As I was enjoying the perks of being a kid (recess, peanut butter & celery, nap time), I noticed that I was just a wee tad different than the other kids! No worries, I was gonna take this up with mommy and daddy when I got home! My mom picked me up from school and asked me how my day went (just thinking about her loving voice makes me smile). I shared with her the events of the day and my "findings" (its the scientist in me, please excuse the word). She listened intently as she always does(masters in Psychology helps). When I was finished with my story, she said we would discuss it as a family once dad got home. Once dad got home we all sat down at the kitchen table for a family"Pow Wow" (This location holds family "Pow Wows" to this day! I told my Mom and dad that I.......(wait for it....) WANTED TO BE WHITE! They didn't miss a beat! They explained to me the Beauty in ALL RACES. They promised me that If I continued to be their daughter...(they led me to believe I had a choice) they would spend the rest of their lives showing me Just How Beautiful I was! 37 years later and they haven't let me down!!! There hasn't been one day that I haven't believed that I AM BEAUTIFUL.....and for that, I am eternally grateful!

So, if I am so happy with the way I am, why all the fitness challenges, steps, and such?!? (I'm glad you asked!) My parents taught me to LOVE THE SKIN I'M IN!! I try my best to Live Life To The Fullest!! Grab the Bull by The Horns and ride for 8 seconds (Man I used to have a major crush on Luke Perry) I rock climb, white water raft, swim (like a fish), play paintball, laser tag, basketball, soccer, Rollerblade, ice skate, ski Diamond runs ( although I stink at snowboarding), you name it, I can do it....or die trying!!! Its the athlete in me (All-American Soccer player in High School) I do all these things at my current weight of 281lbs (and losing). I do what I do, not to fit a size 2...size 8 will be fine ;-) But I do it to get healthy!!! My health is excellent now....No diabetes, Normal Blood Pressure, Excellent Cholesterol! But I know that if I don't lose this weight, all that will change! That's why I am always saying....THE TIME IS NOW!!

I'm going to end with a little story that happened to me the other day in a Chinese Restaurant. I went to lunch with two of my girlfriends (Both weigh at least 100 pounds less than me). As we were chatting and enjoying our lunch, I noticed this lady staring at me (when I would go to Idaho with my ex boyfriend, people would come up to me and ask if they could touch my hair! LOL!). Once she finished her meal, she approached our table. " Please excuse the intrusion. I don't normally do this but I just had to come over and tell you that you are absolutely Beautiful! Your SMILE lights the room and I just wanted you to know that" ..........WHOA!! That Lady made my day ( RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS) The MORAL OF THE STORY is SMILE...even if NO ONE IS WATCHING!! (Heck, you never know.....THEY JUST MIGHT BE!! )


Dr. Mo

The Song My Parents Dedicated To Me When I Graduated From medical School!! I Dedicated this to ALL MY TWITTER FAMILY!!! "I Hope You Dance!!" ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTQfERb9HVk