Monday, September 21, 2009

The "Color" of Success

As some of you know, Mondays are my 12 hour days. I work for Manatee County Rural Health Services. Our Mission is to Provide Health Care to the "Under served". On Mondays, I drive 2 hours on a 2 lane highway. Just me, a few 18 wheelers, and the cows....oh, and the occasional deer (I passed one right on the side of the road on the way home at 9:00pm last week....cute, but scary). These patients are some of the most appreciative people that you would ever want to meet!!

I must admit, prior to taking on this assignment, I was slightly hesitant because of the "Racism" horror stories! People would say things to me like..."You better hope that you don't get a flat tire along the way or we may never see you again". This only made me MORE DETERMINED to take this on, and PROVE THEM WRONG!! I'm proud to report that The Arcadians have been Absolutely Loving, caring, and supportive! I have yet to have a flat tire there however, I have been pulled over 3 times in less than a year BUT I haven't gotten a single ticket!!! (ITS THE DIMPLES! LOL!)

So why the title of this post? Well, when I was driving into the town of Arcadia this morning, I passed 2 African Americans on the side of the road. They were walking for exercise!! They waved at me and smiled with such pride in their eyes! (African_American WOMAN in a BMW) I smiled and waved with an even bigger smile on my face. I was Proud to see them taking an active role in making themselves more healthy! I wanted them to know that I KNOW!! It warms my heart that I can Be That "Symbol" for them! They just don't realize that they were a "symbol" for me!!(I was listening to "sent From Heaven" By Keyshia Cole on the radio. That added to feeling of the moment)

My parents taught me to lead by example! I'm succeeding in my professional life. My focus, now, is my Health and Wellness!! I want to be a Success Story in My WEIGHT LOSS Journey as well!!! I'm Determined and Tenacious!! I WILL GET THERE!!


  1. Monique you could be purple, green, have eight arms and still be an inspiration to anyone!! I am proud to call you friend. To me you are a symbol of love in it's purest form...unconditional. Your parents taught you well! You are not only a success in your career. You are a success as a person!

  2. You are an inspiration to us all and YOU WILL succeed at anything you put that beautiful mind to! (And I agree 100% with what TeeTee says.)

    the hairs on my arms stood up as I read it.
    you are INDEED am inspiration.
    just seeing your avatar in my twitter stream makes me feel inspired.


  4. I can't say it any better than TeeTee!! I am honored to know you.

  5. Yet another tremendous post. I know Denise called you to report how emcouraging and inspirational your words are. You are making an impact. Most people may believe they are impacting others, but you actually are doing it. Stay strong, stay positive, and post more frequently (as long as the quality is not compromised). 1