Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chug-A-Lug...Gulp, Gulp, Gulp.....

8 Glasses of Water each Day...... Why am I having such a tough time with this?!? My Virtual Personal Trainer, Tami (Twitter : @wildfirefitness ) says that water is "Nature's Elixir".... My mind knows this to be true BUT my Taste Buds want NO PART OF IT!!! I've tried it cold. I've Tried it with lemon. I've tried it with Orange. Nothing seems to make "The Click"!!! I'm DETERMINED to CHANGE MY PARADIGM!!!! This container hold 64 Ozs. Of Water!!! I WILL Consume AT LEAST ONE Of These A Day!!! WISH ME LUCK!!! ;-)
Dr. Mo XoXo


  1. You do not need luck...YOU have desire/determination and a goal in mind!

  2. I SOOOOOOOO badly need to get more water in!!! This is one of my biggest challenges... I love diet soda and coffee. Monday I dont think I drank one drop of regular H2O - just soda, tea and coffee. Thanks for the reminder.